Be the author of your own life’s story !

Let our modern technology give you the ability to create a book full of those most wonderful times and events in your life.

By watching the slide on how this works, you will see how very simple this is and how you can create a book just like you buy in a bookshop, authored by a professional.

The BookBinder allows you to place and replace pages at anytime, so editing a page is simple, removing unwanted pages is always on the cards when we are learning.

Simply buy a standard BookBinder or Customise the Cover to suit your needs and desires, again its simple to do here.

Remember, you can immediately start to build your book, simply and easily here.

Whilst you write and record those events,

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Create Your Own Cover In Minutes

Untold Variations

Photo Books for every occasion

Family Journals and history recording

Books about your pets

Baby Books

Create your own Wedding Book

Make a Book about your life

So many ways to make your own unique Book Cover

Pages are easily added
as you write and
complete each page.


A book can tell

the story of your life

Here, along with the hundreds of attributes you are able to make your own book, start with a Digital eBook or . Click Here to Read More.

A book can tell

the story of  your life

Here, along with the hundreds of attributes you are able to make your own book, start with a Digital ebook or take the next step and make your own Hard Cover Book.

Here we give you the opportunity to simply buy a standard cover or alternatively make your own personal touch and modify our cover, if that is not enough you can make your own design. Whichever way you go its a simple thing at enriched.

Customising the Page Covers will see you having basically unlimited ways to create the perfect Book Cover, and not hold you to using the normal boring and monotonous collection of covers found on other sites. Our unique Book Binder will be out soon and will allow you to continuously add, modify or edit any page whenever you wish.

It will grow with you forever and become a legacy worthy of handing down to your family. Click Here to Read Less.


“Memories are the keys, not to the past, but to the future.”


– Corrie Ten Boom

Simple to design, and beautiful to own, visit the “how it works page” now and learn more.

Choose the Templates and Cover that suits your style, create a layout that is ideal for the events you want to capture. Here, you do not have to limit yourself to a boring and monotonous collection of templates and covers normally found on the internet. Incarnate the best ideas and enrich your life and the best moments from it.
Here, your photos are automatically stored as you scale and crop. You will be able to easily do everything here to save the best moments of your life, and continuously add and edit your own book forever.